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family protection insurance Term life insurance is a form of life insurance which is effective for a specified time period or term.  The death benefit is paid to the beneficiary if the insured person dies during the specified term.  Term life insurance is a relatively inexpensive way to buy substantial coverage because the insurance company does not have to pay out benefits if the insured survives the length of the term.

If you are single or if your family could live without your income, you may not need life insurance.  But if you have dependents who count on your income, you should consider some form of life insurance.  Term life insurance is actually the simplest type of life insurance.  It provides temporary life insurance protection at an economical price; it can work well as short-term insurance coverage for paying off loans or as supplemental coverage while providing for your family and their educational needs.

The two primary types of term life insurance are as follows:

  • Scheduled Term Insurance provides a decreasing amount of insurance protection each year, for the duration of the insurance policy.  It is designed for people who already have basic life insurance, but who need insurance to cover specific financial obligations such as mortgages or business loans.  This type of insurance, or a variation of it, is also called Annual Renewable Term (ART) Insurance.
  • Level Term Insurance provides a constant amount of insurance protection for the duration of the insurance policy.  It is designed for people who expect to need insurance coverage for a specific time period, perhaps while they are starting a business, raising a family, or sending their children through college.

Listed below, you will find a selection of term life insurance services and information resources where you can calculate your insurance needs and get life insurance quotes from qualified term life insurance providers.  These firms may offer substantial savings on term life insurance premiums, but do read life insurance policies carefully before signing them.  Consult with your attorney or get competent advice if you have any questions about the terms and conditions in a life insurance policy.

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